About Kathy

During my 15 years as a TV news reporter, anchor and seven-time Emmy award winner, I interviewed countless people who had no idea how to use their media opportunity to their advantage. I realized they needed help. That’s why 25 years ago I started my business to train spokespeople how make the most of their media moment.

While the media landscape has changed radically over the years, the basic principles of interview success haven’t. The keys: develop messages that resonate with your audience, then deliver them early and often throughout the interview. The result is an interview that focuses on what you want to say rather than what the reporter wants to ask.

Simple, but not easy.

With guidance, you can do it! During all those years in the media trenches I asked the tough questions. Now I can show you how to answer them — and reap the benefits.

Practicing on camera is essential. Even if you don’t do TV interviews, the exercise lets you see yourself as others see you. I know it can be daunting. That’s why I create a fun, supportive, non-threatening environment so you can easily see how to improve.

Career highlights & education

  • Anchor/reporter for KPNX-TV (Phoenix, AZ), KMJ-TV (Fresno, CA), WANE-TV (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • Recipient of 7 Emmy Awards
  • Author of SoundBites: A Business Guide for Working with the Media
  • Owner of Master Your Message since 1989
  • BA degree with honors in English, Denison University, Ohio
  • MA degree in Communications, The University of Michigan
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