Every interview with a reporter represents a business advantage. And every speech must be clear and compelling. These business skills are critical to any business or leader looking to gain a competitive edge.

In Kathy Kerchner’s popular keynotes and workshops, executives, PR reps, and individual employees learn critical media interviewing skills and presentation skills. Now – armed with confidence, skills, and insight – these professionals can deliver clear, consistent, and powerful messages to their stakeholders.

“Master Your Message, then Master the Media”

In this eye-opening presentation, attendees learn how to gain control of media interviews to confidently deliver their key messages. Whether presented as a keynote, breakout session, or hands-on workshop, media expert Kathy Kerchner delivers powerful results to your audience or team (executives, subject matter experts, PR reps, etc.). They’ll leave knowing how to be prepared, confident, and in control of every media interview.

Attendees learn how to:

  • Understand today's different types of media, what they want, what they don’t want, and why they want it "right now"
  • Identify and hone the key points to deliver in every media interview
  • Learn the importance of preparation to gain control of interviews
  • Practice delivering great quotes, sound bites, and limited responses
  • Get insights on crisis communication, including how to plan your strategy, handle tough questions, and manage perceptions through the media
  • During workshops, practice your interview skills on camera, answering Kathy's toughest questions!

“SpeakSmart™: How to WOW an Audience”

How do you deliver compelling, winning presentations? With lessons learned from this upbeat keynote presentation, breakout session, or workshop. In Kathy’s full-day workshops, participants practice on-the-spot with video training. Plus, participants receive a meaty workbook of tips, visual examples, and workshop highlights.

Attendees learn how to:

  • Grab your audience with a strong opening and “bookend” closing
  • Create interesting presentations by using PowerPoint as a visual aid, not a crutch
  • Overcome jitters and present naturally and comfortably, without reading slides
  • Communicate your message with powerful language, colorful stories, and crystal-clear examples
  • Learn techniques for successful Q&A sessions

Kathy Kerchner's presentations are perfect for these groups:

  • Executives, business leaders, subject matter experts, and company spokespeople who are frequently interviewed by the media
  • Field supervisors and employees who may encounter the media
  • Corporate public relations teams and PR agencies who want to improve their interviewing skills
  • Leaders and employees at all levels who want to improve their speaking skills and PowerPoint presentations
  • Any organization – small business, corporation, not-for-profit organization, government entity, industry association – whose employees or members need media training or speaking skills

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