Reporters play by different rules. They don’t respect authority. They won’t prepare for an interview. They enjoy playing hardball – and tossing curve balls. And they have no qualms about making you look bad.

And yet, getting your story out there is a huge opportunity for your company

Great publicity reaps great results. Unlike paid advertising, it’s a third-party endorsement that offers visibility and credibility with your stockholders, customers, employees, and the public. With great publicity, you can step up as a major player in your industry and enhance your brand.

What’s the catch? You must learn how to take control of media interviews

Early in my career as a TV anchor/reporter, I interviewed countless businesspeople who showed up unprepared. They didn’t tell their story, so I took control. By controlling the interview, I controlled their message. In reality, reporters want to hear from you, as the expert. And they want you to be good! They want new ideas, clear communication, and colorful quotes.

When you control the media interview, you control the message

While reporters have ultimate control – choosing the quotes, story angle, and placement in the newspaper or newscast – there is good news. During the interview, you have as much or more control than they do. During my media skills workshops and coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to focus on this, arrive prepared, and use specific techniques. You’ll influence the outcome of the story. And you’ll control your message.


Career highlights, education, and memberships

  • Anchor/reporter for KPNX-TV (Phoenix, AZ), KMJ-TV (Fresno, CA), WANE-TV (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • Recipient of 7 Emmy Awards
  • Author of SoundBites: A Business Guide for Working with the Media
  • Owner of Master Your Message since 1989
  • BA degree with honors in English, Denison University, Ohio
  • MA degree in communications, University of Michigan
  • Member: International Association of Business Communicators, Public Relations Society of America, National Speakers Association

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